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California Drought (2011 - present)

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Political topic pages

    A structured "topic page"-based site focused specifically on evidence-based discourse around political topics. Votes separately rate {quality of evidential support, }

    Social media is an awful place for informed discussion of complex topics. This idea aims to create a more optimal site.

    Links to {Laws and Bills, Court Cases, Publications, News Articles, OpEds and Satire, Speeches, TED Talks, Interviews, Polls, Surveys, Studies, Graphs/Charts, consumable data sources, Insightful Comments from around the web}. Cross-linking of topics.

Dog Food search engine

    Combination of a multi-retailer search (including sort by "price/weight") and ratings from DogFoodAdvisor and consumers.

    API and scraped retailers include {Amazon, Walmart, Target, PetCo, Petsmart, Petfood Express, CostCo, Sam's Club}

    Retailers that have affiliate programs include {Amazon, Walmart, Target, ???}

  • Example DogFoodAdvisor rating article (
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David Wortham

Portrait of David Wortham
Portrait of David Wortham. Photograph by Alan Busby.

David is a Senior Web Development Engineer (full stack: {Linux, Apache, MySQL and PostgreSQL, PHP, Memcached}) at Gaia Interactive, Inc., working on the web community with concentrations on front-end, security, SEO, analytics, product maintenance, code quality, and community satisfaction.

He adopted a double merle Australian Shepherd dog from a local animal rescue and enjoys training and playing with Jacques.

David is an amateur photographer with Nikon gear, an avid bicyclist with a Cervélo road bike, and a sports car enthusaist with a Honda S2000 AP1.


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