He is deaf and nearly blind, but don't tell him that.

Pink nose, sky blue eyes, and white fur with some patches of liver. He is a large mini Aussie Shepherd or a small standard Aussie.

His condition is genetic ("homozygous merle", "double merle", or, incorrectly, "lethal white") and is entirely avoidable by doing basic research before allowing your dog to get pregnant. Simply don't breed two merle dogs together.

Like most Australian Shepherds, he is extremely active. He is a regular at the local park trails and dog parks.

Jacques, the Mini Australian Shepherd

Occasionally, Jacques will idle in a chair.

Jacques, digging in the dog park

No dirt clod is safe from Jacques. This is Jacques diggin in the dog park.

Jacques, sleeping on a dog bed at work

Working is hard work. Jacques occasionally shows up at work with his person.

Jacques, in the driver's seat

"Are we there yet?" Jacques is in the driver's seat with the top down and is anxious to get moving again.